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Check out this 13 minute video where a colleague tells her experience with ART

ART uses visualization techniques to reprogram the brain. This happens naturally while we sleep. A trained therapist can use the technique to reinforce good experiences while helping the client to distance themselves from the emotional responses caused by past experiences.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy or ART a drug-free, non-hypnosis therapy that transcends modern therapeutic methods by treating adults and children with depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attack, post tramatic stress disorder(PTSD), substance abuse, sexual abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, addictions, and many other mental and physical conditions, resulting in remarkable benefits. Clients see results within a couple of sessions.

This is not a "silver bullet"-fix all, but combined with other techniques and procedures, it is a powerful tool to liberate those held captive by their past.

Learn more about their success from their websites here.

Counseling with care

From time to time we all need someone in whom we can confide. Life takes us by suprise, and leaves us wishing that we understood, had direction or could make sense of it all. Maybe you have had a major transition in your life. Covid and inflation have robbed us all of the security that we once felt. I am qualified to walk the journey with you, no matter what life has thrown your direction. I have worked closely with children of all ages, teens, families, groups, and individuals. I have experience helping with parenting skills, conflict management, and domestic violence counseling. I have partnered with a community treatment center to treat people with serious and persistent mental illness and psychosis. Most recently, I served as a Mandated Pre-screening Agent for the state of Tennessee offering crisis intervention in the community. I have aided police officers and served in emergency rooms, jails, schools, and homes. I have made myself available, via zoom, for any other location where someone may have a mental health crisis. Today is your day to reach out for help.

With thirty plus years offering therapy, I use a no-nonsense approach to provide help for the hurting and hope for the hopeless. Experience working with others has shown that our problems are as complex as we are. I will work hard to help isolate the problems, then explore tools together with my client that will put their issues in the past, allowing them to move on with life. As a native of Sevier county, I am more than qualified to help the residents of East Tennessee overcome. I have provided my clients with the tools to overcome fear, inferiority, isolation, anxiety and stress in a multitude of settings. As Americans, we recognize the right to the pursuit of happiness. The Bible, the most trusted book of all time, states that It was written so that our joy would be full. The journey may be long or short, but I am committed to travel the road with my client. I will provide support and guidance to help them work hard, get better, change behavior or cope. My client and I will partner to achieve success as they define it. I also provide Group therapy, which offers tools that some people need for success. Many clients find a warm, friendly group of people who are struggling with the same issues as they are to be a way to team with others to find success. Give me a call for more information or to see if group therapy is right for you.


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